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Dr. SP Diwakar
Designation- Home Physiotherapist:

He is  professional physiotherapist, Transcend your physical limitation, improve your posture & fill your life with full of activities with the holistic movement and exercises rather than by drugs or surgeries.

Certificate and Hands-on 

  1. Manual Therapy
  2. Massage techniques.
  3. Dry needling.
  4. Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
  5. Taping technique 
  6. Special exercise program


  • DPT. (Lucknow university)
  • BPT. capital university Jharkhand)


  1. Physical Activity and Exercise
  2. Therapeutic Practice and Modern Science
  3. Patient Management
  4. Handling and use of all advance Modalities as LASER
  5. Integrated Clinical Management.

Works experience:

  • 1 Year in Janta Clinic Najafgarh, New Delhi
  • Since past 3 Years with Dr. Narendra Yadav PT in PHYSIOCARE, New De
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