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Nutritionists/dieticians are health specialists who create diets for individuals. They teach patients about healthy food habits/lifestyles and staying aware of developments in nutrition and medicine. Dietetics emphasizes on food management, whereas nutrition emphases on the promotion of health by way of healthy food.

To assist you in the process of attaining equilibrium between your life & health Gazal Mehta, a nutritionist by profession with proven credentials in the field, renders consultation and guidance to put all such maladies in the rear view mirror.
A concept of mindful eating. She finds her place as the best nutritionist for weight loss and strives to create a comprehensive solution for people incorporating all the aspects of life ranging from health, wellness, diabetes management, cholesterol control, thyroid, PCOS reversal, and much more. Her customized plans are based on balanced diet without any FAD or CRASH diets.

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Physiotherapy, also referred to physical therapy, is treatment to restore, maintain, and make the most of a patient’s mobility, function, and well-being. Physiotherapy helps through physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, and health and fitness. Best Physiotherapists in Najafgarh get you involved in your own recovery by setting a pre-defined track for the treatment. A physio may ask you to do certain exercises on your own in order to recover quickly. Physiotherapist use manual therapy and various modalities according to the patient’s condition.

First of all, the assessment of the patient is done by a physiotherapist where they set a track for the process of the treatment. There are different approaches used in a physio treatment however it may vary from patient to patient depending upon the condition of the patient and the type of treatment needed. The common procedure includes fallowing:

– Manual Exercises – Soft Tissue Mobilization – Electrotherapy – Heat Therapy – Taping for sports injuries – Ultrasound

To find the right physiotherapist depends on the condition of patient and the type of treatment the patient has to go through. Suppose there is a case of post-surgery, so this patient will be assigned with ortho physio and in some critical cases like a patient with post stroke is not only assigned with a neuro physio but Physiocare will make sure that he gets an experienced physiotherapist.

Let us explain with one more example; suppose there is kid who is suffering from any physical pain or injury so he will be assigned with pediatric physio. In some cases, patient is not aware about what exactly he is facing, whether it is a muscle spasm or muscle strain so in that case physio takes an assessment in which gets to know the approach of treatment.

Usually the session is for 45 minutes, However the session duration can be increased up to 1 hour or 90 minutes in case the treatment is needed for longer duration. The session duration is generally increased in few cases where a patient is having severe/multiple issues. Our expert can set the session duration after the assessment of the patient is done. Please note that standard charges mentioned on our website are for 45 to 60 min session. For longer duration sessions, charges will be higher.

The way that a patient chooses to compensate is also acceptable. Payment Methods offered by Physiocare include Cash, UPI, Bank Transfers and Online payment services such as Paytm, Google pay etc.

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